on a wing and a prayer

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2024

As the plane pulls away from the gate, I am filled with a mixture of terror and exhilaration.  I love the idea of going somewhere new, but I live in the gap between the is and the ought.  I ought to be excited, but to embrace the excitement, I have to give up control, give up knowing that all will be well.  For, in fact, never will all be well this side of eternity.  It may feel like it is for a moment, or that it will be, but unraveling is right around every bend.

Lord, do not let me give into fear that quenches adventure. 

As we taxi, I pray, Lord, you made the laws of aerodynamics.  We merely discovered them and harnessed them so that we could fly.  You totally understand the principles of lift that keep a heavy aircraft aloft.

I grab my husband’s hand and I pray, Lift us, Lord, and set us down gently.

Not a bad metaphor for living life.  Lift us when we fall or fail, and set us down gently.  And remind me that I am not in this alone.  On this particular adventure our son-in-law has booked the tickets, our daughter has booked our dinners and activities.  Our son has contributed his good humor and our daughter-in-law her sweet resilience.  All of this will get me through any stressful situation. 

In every endeavor there are people I can call on.  May God show me who and where they are.  May God show you yours.  And may our Lord keep us from relying on our own cleverness, our own expertise.  May God save us from ourselves.

Love, Liz

Inspired by question #1 (Are you excited or scared by beginnings?)  in Every Day Holy by Meredith Barnes