For years I have been living my life to “hallow the ordinary”, celebrating the small moments of each day, whether enjoying the beauty of a flower or finding the blessings of life’s repetitive tasks such as folding the laundry. God imbues all of life with holy moments. He is blessed by us when we sit up and take notice.

Think of that! God can be blessed by little old me!

A few years ago, I set myself the challenge of emailing one small blessing to family and friends each day….a visual image with an accompanying thought. My quotidian thoughts. Some of these thoughts were short essays, others took the form of poetry. They have evolved into weekly posts on Wednesday mornings, but the idea is still to revel in daily blessings and pass them on.

I never thought of myself as a blogger, and yet here I am launching my ideas into cyber space. My hope and prayer is that my journey will resonate with yours. Won’t you come along?

Love, Liz McFadzean


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