moon set

Uncategorized Jul 27, 2022

During several summers when our children were young, I’d invite a dear friend with little ones the same ages to join us for a few days.  One summer with our kids tucked up in their beds my friend and I took our beach chairs out in front of the cottage to watch the moon set.  Sunset is always a big event at Epworth…people come out of their cottages to ooh and aah and watch for the “green flash” in that last moment when the sun dips under the liquid horizon.  But moonset often goes unnoticed, uncelebrated. 

This night as we sat there leisurely enjoying the balmy summer night, watching the moon’s slow descent in the sky was so enjoyable, so peaceful.  My friend and I thought, “Let’s do this again tomorrow night!”.  The next night we set up our chairs and nothing happened.  The moon was nowhere to be found.  We had forgotten to take into account that the moon, unlike the sun, doesn’t travel the same course each night.  Its rising and setting can be vastly different from the night before.  We waited and waited to no avail. 

I learned something that night, and it wasn’t just about the moon.  I learned that we must not think we can replicate every one of life’s special experiences.  Each night, each summer, each child will be unique and special in its own way.  We must enjoy this moment and not try to insist that we do it again and again. 

This summer of Covid and cancelled events has shown me that there is no way to plan for every contingency. Sometimes we are just along for the ride, and we have to grab those moon sets  and magic moments when they happen, like the serendipities they are.

Love, Liz