covid shopping

Uncategorized Jul 13, 2022

It was bound to happen.  After two and a half years of avoiding Covid like the plague (literally), family members in our household started coming down with symptoms last week.  This necessitated all exposed parties to go into quarantine.  As one who had seemingly had the least exposure and no apparent symptoms, I was designated shopper.  I double-masked and headed out to Walmart for the essentials:  Covid tests and Lego sets.  When the kids saw me leaving packages outside their doors, they squealed like it was Christmas.  I felt like Covid Santa.

It reminded me of four summers ago when our son’s family arrived in August and a huge storm descended on us.  Power was out for three days.  As we drove inland looking for an open restaurant, we noticed lights on at the local big box store.  We went in and purchased coolers, food, bottled water, flashlights, costumes, toys, games….everything you need to keep kids happy.  What began as a disaster, turned into an adventure.  We called it a glamping experience…cooking on the grill, rooms lit by candles and sleeping in comfortable beds at night.  That is what I was hoping for in this instance.  So far so good. 

The day after my second foray for provisions, it hit me as well.  As I write this some of us have recovered and kids who never got it are headed back to Epworth's organized activities.  I’m hopeful for a mild case, but I’m very fatigued and ready to cancel everything for at least a week.  And I’m grateful that we can see this as another example of what families do when adversity strikes.  We all work together to get through it. 

Stay safe and well wherever you are.  Covid is real and it’s still out there. 

Much love,